Holidays With Our Kids at Every Age

Holidays With Our Kids at Every Age

Holidays, or Holy Days are days set aside for a special purpose.  What is the special purpose in each Holiday we celebrate?  How does your family make Holidays meaningful?


  • Lay craft materials in the center of the table and ask your kids to open their Bible to the book of Psalms.  Help them pick out a tidbit from a Psalm that they might write as a work of Art to Worship and Thank their Almighty God.
  • Make a thankfulness wreath and add paper leaves to it every year.  IMG_1316[1]
  • Choose a family song of worship to sing to God every year on Thanksgiving.  A song that is meaningful to your family as you worship.
  • Set aside a space of wall in the house to be used for the purpose of writing bits of thanks to God.  Leave colorful sharpie markers in the silverware drawer to be set aside only for the thankfulness wall.  Don’t be afraid to let the wall get a little wild.  You can always paint over it 🙂
  • Use a tally sheet to gauge the family’s thankfulness rating by keeping track of the number of words of gratitude or grumbling said by the family in one day.
  • Think of a way to secretly love on another person and do it together.  Make it fun and super sneaky.


  • Here is a neat list of family Christmas activities by Adriel Booker.
  • Buy an advent calendar that includes a verse and chocolate for each day (They can be found at Barnes and Noble or most Christian Book Stores) or make one of your own.  Online Calendar here.
  • Watch, “The Nativity” as a family and talk about it (There are a couple parts with violence that can be skipped).
  • This is an excellent blog discussing Santa by Sara Wallace. (
  • Read Gideon’s Gift as a family to help focus on unconditional love and generosity.
  • Make the tree lighting at your house a big deal!  Sing a carol of worship and pray before plugging in the lights.  Then, enjoy a treat together.
  • Read the Story of Jesus coming to Earth as a baby, straight from the Bible (Luke 1-2, Matthew 1-2) .  Ask questions which will help them to truly grasp why the God of the Universe would come to Earth and live among us.
  • This (Who Would Have Dreamed) is a song you don’t want to miss, from Sovereign Music, I’ve been playing over and over again. As you listen to the words, your hearts will fill with gratitude and amazement at God’s mysterious plan through the ages.
  • Pick out a gift for a family in poverty (like a goat, duck or medicine) from World Vision at

New Years Eve

  • Soon after we were married, my sister-in-law gave us a simple box with the neatest idea.  She wrote a note to let us know it was meant to be filled with our stories IMG_1312[1]to remember God’s love, provision and faithfulness throughout the years.  God sure has given us stories to tell and without that box many of them would have been forgotten. Each year, we review it, thank God for the year He’s given and add fresh stories.
  • Start the year right with a prayer that expresses our dependence on God and our hopes for His glory as He brings us a New Year.

St. Patrick’s Day

Good Friday/ Easter

  • Let’s never skip over good Friday!  Let’s remember the suffering of Jesus and look forward to the resurrection on Sunday!
  • Take part in Communion as a family as each child is ready.
  • My children look forward to resurrection eggs.  As they are getting older, they like to read the scripture and move through the meaning of each egg without our help. For now, they still need dad and mom to help them to understand the importance and set the tone for what the death and resurrection of Jesus really means.
  • I think the song, He Rose by Deluge is such a neat way of remembering the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That’s all I’ve got.  Who can help to beef up this list?


About Katiera Pfeister

I am inspired by Christians who focus on following Jesus in a simple and genuine way. I think it's so important to intentionally train children to follow Jesus. If you don't know the Almighty God, I'd love to introduce you to the Truth, because if you haven't trusted Him, there's a good chance you've never been properly introduced to the One who Made you, Loves you and Died for you. You'll find me living life with my three adventurous children and equally exciting husband. I enjoy hiking, reading, writing and sitting down with people for coffee. I teach in the School District of Philadelphia and it leave me with a lot I want to write about, but not as much time as I'd like. 😀

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